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I'm a 23 year old male from New York City, who enjoys Star Wars like nobody's business, Spider-Man, and other nerdy stuff. In love. Twi'lek and Togruta fanboy. Collects action figures like crack. Anisoka is my OTP.

My heroes are Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. Yay.

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  1. Lando’s not a system.

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    Guardians Of The Galaxy: Groot’s Light // by Marvel Studios (2014)

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Spiderman VS Venom Symbiot
by Zuleta
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    star wars: the clone wars meme
    ↳ [3/5 battles Darth Maul vs Pre Vizsla

    S05E15 “Shades of Reasons”
    "I challenge you, one warrior to another and only the strongest shall rule Mandalore."
    "So be it."

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    Female Jedi makeup and costume details

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    S  H  A  A  K    T  I 

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    You’re impossible.

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